Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lucky number 7 for canon?

According to Canon Rumors.com they are expecting the 7Dmkii, 70D, & 700D (T5i) to come out this year.
They are saying the 70D will come out 1st in march and the 700D in June.   I thought march was the usual month to release the new rebel models (??0D / T?i) but they are expexting something different.
The 7dmkii is supposed to come out is Augsut, the last time there where rumours of a 7mkii is was supposed to be released nerer the end of the year.
7Dmkii Specs
70D Specs (also has stuff about 7Dmkii
700D Specs ??? - I can't find any proported specs for this one  but there is mention that all APS-C bodies will get a new sensor

This is a 'full' list of what's expected this year.

  • EOS 70D – March 2013
  • EOS 700D – June 2013
  • EOS Me – July 2013
  • EOS 7D Mark II – August 2013
  • EOS 3D – October 2013
There where also reports last fall that there is a 40mp + body in development with no time line for announcment or release. (just threw that in for fun:)These are of course Rumours, from a site that is called Canon "Rumors".com but it's fun to speculate.