Sunday, 19 May 2013

Link of The Day - Animated Gifs or Cinamagraph

Remember animated gifs?  Apparently they're cool again, but now the're try to go up-market, so they need a cool hipster name "Cinemagraph".

Honestly, I like the idea, I can see it being useful and I'm sure it will be over-used until we're all sick it.

Until then why not enjoy them, and even try making a few. I think the hardest part to making a GOOD one is finding the right subject with just the right amount of motion.

To learn more about them go Here

To learn how to make one go here

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Link of The Day - 5diii Raw compared to BMCC

This really makes me want a mk3.

There are lots of reasons I shouldn't, like storage post production workflow,  extra time, not to mention cost.  None of this stops me from looking at the images and saying"WOW,  I want that"