Friday, 22 March 2013

Link of The Day - More New Cameras

Just as Predicted the canon 700D has been announced.  The100D was also announced , but that is a different camera for a different post.

As for the 700D
First Impressions (haven't looked that close at all the stats).
700D is basically the 650d (same sensor, same video capability, same tilt screen, STM support, same fps in stills) at first glance I can't find any obvious improvements.
Wait ....
Wait ...
OK,  I've looked into it a bit more and,  as far as I can tell,  it's completely the 650D.  There are rumours of minor improvements, but I haven't read what they might be.
(NOTE: I have NOT read the entire official press release and compared it to the 650D). 
It's a new Rebel. If your getting one you might as well get the newest one. If you already have a rebel I don't see any reason to trade up.
However, while I was hunting around, I did find another new camera -40406">

Link of The Day - Intersting angles

Nothing "Ground Breaking" but still worth a quick look.
Always good to have a few ideas ready when your shot jsut doesn't look as interesting as the thing your shooting.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Link of The Day - cool name, Super Cool Lens

Somwhere in my wanderings I came across DogSchidtOptiks.

 These are lenes hand made in England from 40 year old russian parts. The lenses are full of flares, colour casts low contrast, etc., BUT these elements can be ordered to suit what you want. (Options)

Apperently the Vintage parts creat super sharp lenses, that they funk up,  but are still sharp.  They are all metal and glass & you can even choose from 1 of 3 custom finishes.

They give a cool vintage/analog look that isn't anamorphic, but they work with anamorphic adapters, and they do look alot like film.

They are made one at a time and sold on Etsy ( .  They are currently behind so they are taking preorders and have to let you know when they will be able to ship your order.

They have 7 samples on Vimeo to show different what type of footage different options will produce. (
I haven't compared them all but the oners I looked at had some cool stuff going on, definately more organic feeling than modern lenses.

The best thing (well .. one of the best things) about them is the price,  about $180 CDA shipped.  That's cheaper than a lens baby. 

For me these will look way cooler on your camera and produce images at least as cool as a lens baby,  and they seem like they may be more suited to video then lens baby.***

I haven't orderd one, but after reading the FAQ's Sheet, I am seriously thinking about getting one.
If they where from a big company I'd probably say "It's a gimmick", because it is, but because they are hand made by a small (I assume) operation I somehow find them cooler. 

***I like lense baby and think they have are a neat tool.  I just thnk these have more "coolness"

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Link of The Day - Craziest Low Light tests Ive ever Seen.

I may have posted something about this sensor a while back , but the video wasn't working. 
Now it is and it's amazing.

Link of The day - BTS of Phil's new music video

Link of the Day - Vimeo Video School

there are a bunch of things in the vimeo video school, a set of "DSLR Basics" with Phil, A series "Do more with your DSLR", and the series with Vincent Laforet.  Plus , weekend challenges , and miscellaneous lessons, tips etc.
But I found two quick ones I liked.
Jump cuts - the good the bad & the ugly
B-Roll - interesting idea of doing an interview and the interview footage is used less than footage related to the interview , so the interview basically ids the b-Roll

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

G'Day Eh' - Live on Vimeo


The video of dad's Citizenship Ceremony is now live on Vimeo.
This is just the Highlights, as the whole ceremony took about an hour.


Link of The Day - Vimeo on Demand Launched

Vimeo has launched a sort of Pay per view service that allows you to charge people to watch your content. 
They are basically renting it as there ability to watch the video expires (you can choose from 24 hrs to 1 year) , but you can also let the download it, so you would effectively be selling it to them.
Vimeo's announcement
No Film Schools post about it.  (actually has additional info)

Cool Idea.
They mention that if you have a series (narrative or instructional) you can price by the episode or by the series.   I think this service could really take off for that kind of content. you might pay pay $2 to watch the colour correction video but not want the whole the whole premiere pro series. I wonder if you can pay for 1 then upgrade to the whole series.
I think narrative stuff will be a bit harder to sell.  It will definitely take a lot more effort to direct people to the narrative work through social media etc. 
People will search for "How to ___", people don't usually search for "Short film about two people"
1) you need $200 a year pro account,
2) you get 90% "after transaction fees",but I can't find anywhere how much the transaction fees are (even on the faq's page).
3) anyone purchasing has to create a (free) vimeo account before they can make a purchase.

The other option they have to make some money from your videos is the TIP JAR
It's voluntary and as a content producer you only need a $60 a year Plus account. Viewers don't need a vimeo account to leave a tip, just a pay pal or visa account. They take a 15% cut of the tips and put the rest in your pay pal account at the end of each month.

Philip Bloom Toronto Meet Up, This Friday!

Philip bloom is in Toronto This Weekend.

On Friday Night there will be a "meet up"  it's a a sort of hang out w/ a bit bit of shooting (not a seminar/class) here is what he has on his site about Friday.

In each of the places I travel to, I try and do a meet-up. A free get together to network, socialise, buy me a drink (quality gin or vodka and tonic please! :) ) and basically just have a great time. The one in Toronto is going to be brilliant as the organisers, my friends Tej Bebra and Eric Diosay, have managed to wangle gear giveaways there! These are incredibly generous prizes and a huge bonus to the evening.

This is not part of the workshop as this is a free social event….no teaching! Just relaxing and chatting, but do bring your cameras! If someone in Vancouver wants to organise something for the Friday between workshops, then please get in touch with me!

Solid Camera – EVF Support
Letus – Talon Shoulder System
Genus – Eclipse 77mm and we are adding a step-up ring kit and a fader hood
Schneider Optics – 4×4 Circular Polarizer
Zacuto – $500.00 Gift Certificate
Della Luce – 3 Designer T-shirts

You do need to register to come though so please do so here. It is free! You can come if you don’t register you just won’t be in the draw for the gear!


Date : March 15th 2013

Location: The Madison Pub

Address: 14 Madison Ave Toronto

Time : 7:00PM

Link of The day - Philip bloom Music Video

No Budget music video shot on 1DC.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Vincent Laforet on Taking time, Thanks to DRTV
Vincent Laforet writes about his experience of shoot "film"for an Episode of Digital Rev TV.
It's really an ode to shooting with film.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Link of The Day -

Usually i link to specific articles or Blog posts. today I'm linking to a main page.   has a bunch of articles and blog posts about making movies in a larger environment with multiple departments and multiple people in each department.
That is NOT the world I live in, but no budgeters & low low budgeters  can still learn from the people that do.
We may not have a cat of thousands, multiple units shoots at different locations, or even different people to light and shoot, but learning how others do things can only be a benefit.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Link of The Day - The Art of Asking


It's not about how to MAKE people pay for content, it's about how to let them WANT to to help you.
Even if it means paying for content.

Interesting, because the speaker has experienced the process.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lucky number 7 for canon?

According to Canon they are expecting the 7Dmkii, 70D, & 700D (T5i) to come out this year.
They are saying the 70D will come out 1st in march and the 700D in June.   I thought march was the usual month to release the new rebel models (??0D / T?i) but they are expexting something different.
The 7dmkii is supposed to come out is Augsut, the last time there where rumours of a 7mkii is was supposed to be released nerer the end of the year.
7Dmkii Specs
70D Specs (also has stuff about 7Dmkii
700D Specs ??? - I can't find any proported specs for this one  but there is mention that all APS-C bodies will get a new sensor

This is a 'full' list of what's expected this year.

  • EOS 70D – March 2013
  • EOS 700D – June 2013
  • EOS Me – July 2013
  • EOS 7D Mark II – August 2013
  • EOS 3D – October 2013
There where also reports last fall that there is a 40mp + body in development with no time line for announcment or release. (just threw that in for fun:)These are of course Rumours, from a site that is called Canon "Rumors".com but it's fun to speculate.

Link of The Day

320 gigapixel panarama of London. 
Multiple shots taken with a 7d & stitched together.
Actually pritty cool how much detail there is.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Summerfolk Performers are proclaimed!

                            New Site Look & 2013 performers

Youtube Channel with performer videos

They are up nice & early & there appears to be a video for each performer (I haven't checked each one, yet) &
they have a youtube channel with performer videos.

The line up looks pretty good (from what I've looked at)  There aren't too many I remember seeing before and I can't see any from last year.

It seems like less performers than last year , so there could be a few more to come.

Note:Early bird tickets end March 31st.

*Also did I mention the  Proclaimers are coming ?

 Check out Last years Summefrfolk Photos.



Sunday, 3 March 2013

Link of The Day - My Favourite Lens


Samyang 650Z 650-1300mm f/8.0-16.0 Zoom Lens

I love for it' sheer ridiculousness*      

I don't actually have one, most reviews say it's not easy to use, image quality is 'ok at best', it is heavy and too large to put in a standard camera bag
... but I still want one.

I first saw one on kijiji that came with a 2X multiplier  (just add to the ridiculousness)* and it was $185!  so I had to look into them. 
They are sold under a few different band names /co-brands but they are basically all the same.  new they range from about $250 + shipping up to $550 including shipping.
There are pics out there from this lens and some , aren't that bad.  they are about what you would expect.  If used carefully they can produce usable images, but I don't think you'll see anything from this lens in National Geographic.  I did see a  you-tube clip shot with this lens & 2X extender and again it wasn't too bad, definitely usable for what it was.

So, i would get one at the right right price to play around with, just not for paid gigs.
P.S. i didn't get the one from kijiji, because it was 5 hours away and shipping wasn't offered as an option.

*probably not  real word

Link of The Day -

Kinda cool.