Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Link of The Day - cool name, Super Cool Lens

Somwhere in my wanderings I came across DogSchidtOptiks.

 These are lenes hand made in England from 40 year old russian parts. The lenses are full of flares, colour casts low contrast, etc., BUT these elements can be ordered to suit what you want. (Options)

Apperently the Vintage parts creat super sharp lenses, that they funk up,  but are still sharp.  They are all metal and glass & you can even choose from 1 of 3 custom finishes.

They give a cool vintage/analog look that isn't anamorphic, but they work with anamorphic adapters, and they do look alot like film.

They are made one at a time and sold on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/126095702/flare-factory-58-dslr-mount-pre-order?) .  They are currently behind so they are taking preorders and have to let you know when they will be able to ship your order.

They have 7 samples on Vimeo to show different what type of footage different options will produce. (http://vimeo.com/meltingbloke/albums)
I haven't compared them all but the oners I looked at had some cool stuff going on, definately more organic feeling than modern lenses.

The best thing (well .. one of the best things) about them is the price,  about $180 CDA shipped.  That's cheaper than a lens baby. 

For me these will look way cooler on your camera and produce images at least as cool as a lens baby,  and they seem like they may be more suited to video then lens baby.***

I haven't orderd one, but after reading the FAQ's Sheet, I am seriously thinking about getting one.
If they where from a big company I'd probably say "It's a gimmick", because it is, but because they are hand made by a small (I assume) operation I somehow find them cooler. 

***I like lense baby and think they have are a neat tool.  I just thnk these have more "coolness"