Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Link of The Day - Vimeo on Demand Launched

Vimeo has launched a sort of Pay per view service that allows you to charge people to watch your content. 
They are basically renting it as there ability to watch the video expires (you can choose from 24 hrs to 1 year) , but you can also let the download it, so you would effectively be selling it to them.
Vimeo's announcement https://vimeo.com/blog/post:559
No Film Schools post about it. http://nofilmschool.com/2013/03/vimeo-on-demand-pro-members-sell-work-onlin/  (actually has additional info)

Cool Idea.
They mention that if you have a series (narrative or instructional) you can price by the episode or by the series.   I think this service could really take off for that kind of content. you might pay pay $2 to watch the colour correction video but not want the whole the whole premiere pro series. I wonder if you can pay for 1 then upgrade to the whole series.
I think narrative stuff will be a bit harder to sell.  It will definitely take a lot more effort to direct people to the narrative work through social media etc. 
People will search for "How to ___", people don't usually search for "Short film about two people"
1) you need $200 a year pro account,
2) you get 90% "after transaction fees",but I can't find anywhere how much the transaction fees are (even on the faq's page).
3) anyone purchasing has to create a (free) vimeo account before they can make a purchase.

The other option they have to make some money from your videos is the TIP JAR
It's voluntary and as a content producer you only need a $60 a year Plus account. Viewers don't need a vimeo account to leave a tip, just a pay pal or visa account. They take a 15% cut of the tips and put the rest in your pay pal account at the end of each month.