Sunday, 3 March 2013

Link of The Day - My Favourite Lens


Samyang 650Z 650-1300mm f/8.0-16.0 Zoom Lens

I love for it' sheer ridiculousness*      

I don't actually have one, most reviews say it's not easy to use, image quality is 'ok at best', it is heavy and too large to put in a standard camera bag
... but I still want one.

I first saw one on kijiji that came with a 2X multiplier  (just add to the ridiculousness)* and it was $185!  so I had to look into them. 
They are sold under a few different band names /co-brands but they are basically all the same.  new they range from about $250 + shipping up to $550 including shipping.
There are pics out there from this lens and some , aren't that bad.  they are about what you would expect.  If used carefully they can produce usable images, but I don't think you'll see anything from this lens in National Geographic.  I did see a  you-tube clip shot with this lens & 2X extender and again it wasn't too bad, definitely usable for what it was.

So, i would get one at the right right price to play around with, just not for paid gigs.
P.S. i didn't get the one from kijiji, because it was 5 hours away and shipping wasn't offered as an option.

*probably not  real word