Tuesday, 7 February 2017

PoTd - February 7 - Vintage Lenses


                                                     Guess the Vintage Lens.

I wanted to do a comparison  between Vintage Manual Lenses* shooting vintage bottles on a vintage(ish) shelve/bar in our vintage house. That's a lot of vintage, but why not go all out if you have the option.

The trouble came when I lost track of which shots where with which lenses, making a comparison fairly useless. At least from the standpoint of "this lens has this quality so I 'll use it in this situation.  

After shooting the same bottles over & over I got a bit restless and after shooting the bottles I would wondered around the house and shoot what ever caught my eye before changing to the next lens.

First was the vintage muffin tin in the next room, then some flowers in front of the living room curtain. I tried to get back to the task at had & stop wandering,  but that just found me taking photos of the full bar & the vintage drink menu**

Eventually I worked my way through all the lenses* & even back around to some of them. This is one of the things that made it difficult to remember which shot was taken with which lens. But it did give me more ecperience with vintage lenses, so that's good &  I'll definitely be using them again in the future. Maybe I'll even get that side by side comparison done, some day.

* Lenses; 1 Nikon, 3 Minolta, 1 Canon (all manual focus) on a Canon 80D.
** I never realized how much Vintage stuff we have. Lots of it is for everyday use so it sort of gets overlooked. It if makes some of you feel better we also have the usual tech like: computers, touch pads, smart phones, smart Tv's etc.
So we love both Old & New

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