Sunday, 12 February 2017

Daily Dose of VINTAGE Summerfolk - February 12th

The photo that started it all. I remember waiting and waiting til we could all be in the shot at the same time.

Before digging into the last century For Summerfolk Photos I'm posting a a quick set of "Official" pics pics from each year. The only thing that makes them 'official' is that we call them them that.  It all started with a group pic in 1997. and we have posed for a group pic most years.

After  going to Summerfolk for over 20 years it can be hard to separate each individual year. the 'official' pics can be a sort of quick reference guide to who was there each year.

Some years I don't have an 'official' group pic for, so a few times I cheated and used one that is sort of representative of the year, or in one case it's only photo I have from that year.

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