Tuesday, 6 December 2016

2016 My Christmas List

Christmas List

Here is this years Christmas List
Just like last year, I have a range of things from Easy to Unlikely. But, it's Christmas so why not dream a little.

New this year I've divided the list into two parts.

First there are things you don't have to buy, but are very valuable & very much appreciated.
  • Post, Re-post, forward, share or tell someone about something I made/posted
  • Consider being in something or helping to make something (video, podcast etc.).
Second are things that have price tags.
  1. crocks - $Store
  2. toques - $Store
  3. Edison bulbs - $ store
  4. headphones - from $ store
  5. Hot olives from Roman cheese or Lococos
  6. finger gloves
  7. pillow
  8. Red & Green Totes
  9. Book: The Old Magic of Christmas – Yuletide traditions for the darkest days of the year.-linda raedisch  
  10. Podcast subscriptions.  I'm a bit of a Podcast junkie & several of the shows I listen too have paid (monthly) subscriptions that allow access to additional content. 
  11. Christmas records (real vinyl records) almost any Christmas record but the one I really want is Firestone Christmas album #4 (Firestone Presents Your Favorite Christmas music). It's a 7 record set & I have them all except #4 (below). So, if your at a second hand store or a garage sale & see Firestone #4 you have found the perfect gift!
I think that's about it for now,  Merry Christmas!