Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Survive the Zombie Appocolypes by Eating Brains.

But your ancestors had to start generations ago.

Here's the quick run down.

The Fore People of Papua New Guinea ate there dead for generations.  This custom assisted the spread of "kuru" a degenerative brain disease caused by Prions.  Eating the brains of people with communicable disease was killing about 2% of the population each year, until the practice was outlawed.

Now it has been found that some Fore people have a unique resistance to prion diseases. They  have an amino acid called Valine where everyone else has Glycine. This prevents the prions from producing disease causing forms of the protein.

In tests with mice the mice with the Valine where show to be resistant to 18 forms of prion disease, and there is hope that further research could provide eventually lead to treatments of other degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer & Parkinson.

 for a more detailed article go to  www.washingtonpost.com

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(It's not bad and has lots of links to more serious articles.)