Friday, 26 February 2016

T5 vs T5i OR 1200D vs 700D

Someone (new to DSLRs) asked me about the difference between the canon 1200D (t5) and the 700D (t5i). I put together some info & sent it off to them, then thought "this might be of interest to other people"  so I turned it into a blog post. 
Basics & Recommendation

The 1220D (t5) will take perfectly good photos and not bad video.
But you'll have to work harder and take more to get the shots you want & you might be look for an upgrade a bit sooner.
The 700D(5ti) will take great photos and good video and make it easier to get the shots you want.  It's got more flexibility in how you use it, & a bit more you can do as you learn. It can also get some shots that the other just can't get, especially with low light, fast, bursts and videos.
As far as I'm concerned, if you can afford it the 700D(t5i) is definitely worth the extra money.
Let me know if you have any questions.


T5 is one class lower than the other.
t5 & t5i are sort of marketing names for them. 
the real model names are 1200 D (5t) & 700D (t5i) with canon model numbers , lower is better.*
They have a lot of the same stuff so I 'll just list what the700D (t5i) has that the other doesn't or when it has improved versions of the same stuff.

700D (t5i) has:
- better screen resolution (almost double the pixels)
- swivel screen (doen't sound like much til you try to get shots from interesting angles. it's much easier to twist the screen towards you than twisting yourself to see the screen.
- Touchscreen.  you can use the menus by touch , you can also focus by touching the screen
- better auto focus. has more and better focus points than 1200d and an entirely different & better auto focus system making it faster & more accurate.
- auto focus during video (with the right lenses)
- better processor.  helps with the higher shooting speeds etc.
- higher FPS.  shoots more photos (frames) per second. 3fps for 1200, 4.8 fps for 700d
-Higher ISO. (25600 vs 12800)  which means it can take photos in much less light. theoretically it should be able to take see stuff in 1/2 the light of the other one. In practice , if you push them to their limits the phots will be grainy & pretty ugly, but you have the extra ISO what would have been an grainy shot that pushed the 1200d, could be a usable shot with the 700d, because it's not at it's limit. - has mic jack.  internal mics are pretty bad so being able to add a mic means you can make a video that people can listen too without cringing.
- better kit lens 18-55 STM (takes advantage of new auto focus system & can do auto focus in video.


Links to canon for more info

*Over view of model numbers
4 digit model (called XX00 ie 1200)  are 'consumer' models for basic snapshots & for your own social media.
3 digit models (XX0 ie 700D) are 'pro-sumer' models for people who want a step up from basic or for people becoming pros or starting out small. like selling photos to other people for their social media,  portraits etc.
2 digit models (X0 ie 80D) are solid pro models. better than the lower models but not as rugged  as the higher end models. sometimes new features are released here 1st to make sure they are dependable enough for the high end models.
single digit models (7d, 6d, 5d, 1d) are higher end pro-models for he big kids.  they have top of the line specs and are very dependable.