Monday, 7 March 2016

Too Early for Summerfolk?

I'm planning to post old sumemrfolk photos (1997 -2010) online before the 3rd weekend in August. After collecting Summerfolk photos from old folders on old hard drives & copying them all to one location it was time to start sorting.

Sorting out 97-99 into individual years is going to be somewhere between difficult & impossible. I may end up dividing them in  some other way other than chronologically. 

It's fun to see some of the old pics and how things (& people) have changed, but it's amazing how little some things have stayed the same.

So far I've gotten through about 500 & there's still more to get through & then the daunting task of sorting out those early years.

Once there all sorted & ready to go I'll make another post & then the photos will be posted to Flickr in small (ish) batches each day leading up to this years summerfolk.