Monday, 26 February 2018

Summerfolk 2017 in 60 Seconds - GRADED

I updated the slide show from the previous post. 
The only difference is that grading or stylized colour has been added.

Colour Grading is something I find fascinating to watch but elusive to create.  When you see before & after shots of something before & after it was graded the difference can be huge. It obviously looks different,  but it also feels different & that is usually the thing that's more important. The colour enhances the mood & emotion of the story. Even if you never see a before & after ideally you will still get the feeling they're going for.

 Grading is hard. it's even hard to do a half baked job of it. It's really hard to do well and the people who do it well are wizards.  I can't afford to send my little videos to a wizard to work on, which is why I'm trying to work towards doing a half baked job of it.

The idea with this one was to have it feel like dreaming of a happy memory then waking up & being a little disappointed that the dream is over, but happy you had it.

Original (no) Colour

Colour Graded

I'm not sure if the colouring really makes that much difference here, but you have to start somewhere.