Friday, 15 September 2017

PoTd - September 15 Halloween is Here!
OK Halloween isn't actually here, according to most people. There are, however, people that start celebrating early.
I'm sort of one of those people.
Sort of because I won't start decorating for a while, but I'm starting to post Halloween Photos today, mostly because I have so many. Soon I'll be listening to Halloween Audio (Podcasts, Old Time Radio, libravox stuff etc.) and shortly after that It will be time to start watching the stock of Halloween movies & TV we have accumulated.

Long story short.. Halloween is almost here, but I'm starting early.


 Pic-of-The-day - "Around the corner".

I was working late one night in late October 2010, listening to ghost stories on my walkman. I was going out to the mail room, came around a dark corner and saw what appeared, for a second to be a child in a costume standing on the edge of the shadows.  It stopped me for a second until I realized it was a doll/decoration. So, I went back to the office to get my camera to see if I could recreate my first impression in a photo.

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