Monday, 22 May 2017

May 22 | Ask the Camera Guy (AKA:

Ask the Camera Guy
Question: (asking for a friend) "What would you recommend for a trip to South Africa/wildlife tour. Not sure if they want interchangeable lens or point and shoot."
"wildlife tour" makes me think they want a big zoom. 
Zoom with your feet works well for street photography, but not so well for lions & hyenas.
So my 1st thought is a powershot. 
The canon powershot sx60 has 65x zoom , IS, 1080 video, tilt screen & connects to your phone.   
They're about $500 at bust buy, amazon, henry's etc*

I assume they aren't camera geeks (if they where they wouldn't be asking me for advice), which is why I started with a point and shoot. 
I they're looking for something more high-end or interchangeable lenses let me know (with some more details) & I'll give it some more thought.

There are some Sony's that are getting lots of hype for their low light capability that would be awesome for night safari's type stuff.  If they are doing that type of thing.