Monday, 13 March 2017

Daily Dose of Vintage Summerfolk - March 13

Long overdue video from Summerfolk 2011.
Full Quality version is on YouTube

If 2011 is remembered for one thing it's Rain. Rain & an audience rendition of Barret's Privateers that has been on line in many version ever since. After many years I've finally gotten around to posting my version.

While working on the videos for 2011 I couldn't get the song out of my mind. As the song was stuck in my head my brain started inserting rhymes and puns into the song creating a few funny phrases. This lead to a whole story to go with one of those phrases.

Here's the Story...

In the days of traveling sideshows a man from Halifax named John Barret, arrived at one of the biggest shows to get a job as a freak. His unique abnormality was that he had about 6 ears growing in his genital region. 

He was hired at once, but they had to figure out how to promote his act. They needed to make people interested, without being too graphic. After some deliberation decided on “John's Private Ears” “See the man with ears on his private parts”.

He was a huge success over the years and just as they where planning a European tour disaster struck. One of his private ear was gone. He soon realized that this medical miracle could mean financial disaster, and before he know it he had 4 ears and no job.

As being a sideshow freak was the only job he knew he moved back home and set up a small sideshow tent on the pier trying to make money while he could.

It wasn't long before he only had 1 ear left & no one would pay to see it.

Even his tent got repossessed, and he ended his career as

a broken man on a Halifax pier, with the last of Barret's Private Ears.

If you hear these words (in your head) in place of the usual ones next time you hear the song, then my job is done. And, yes my head is full of odd alternate versions of songs & other weird stuff, fortunately for the world I don't usually write them down.

*There are 5 parts to the video series so, check out the rest. (they don't all come with weird puns)

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