Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Daily Dose of VINTAGE Summerfolk - March 1st

A bunch of our crew. Jay , Christian, Rich, & Geoff.
Goeff, John (back row) & Rich with some girls they met in the beer tent.

Guys in the Foot Court (not really a food court more like a street of food vendors.  That was back in the day when food vendors included great local fish & the candy booth that was so popular (at least with us) that we have even threatened to recreate our own version and the most infamous food stand of all "the noodle place" that was the staple diet for  generations of Summerfolk festival goers.

The Beer Tent (AKA Down By The Bay Stage) was sort of the default place to go, when you didn't have a specific destination at Kelso.

Megan's Beer Tent Stamp.

Megan's 1st drink in a licensed establishment.

1997 is generally called 'Rich year' for Rich Robbs who came that one year. It is also called 'didge year' as it's the the 1st year we encountered didges (didgeridoo) for sale at the festival. We bought our 1st didge this year & there was also a didge workshop & some didgeridoos on stage.

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