Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Live Stock Niagara Promo/Commercial

I did Promo/commercial for the 'Livestock Niagara' Music Festival at Taps on Queen, Downtown Niagara Falls. I made two a 60 second & a 30 second,  the 30 second is the one we went with.    It's been released of the social media streams for the festival and may appear on the local cable channel in the community events section. It's still fun to see your stuff on TV, even if it's local cable access. Now I need to find someone that still has cable. The 60 Sec. one had 1 extra scene & a slower pace.

It was was fun doing something different than what I usually do &  Raf (Rafik Guirguis who runs the festival) was super enthusiastic, & great to work with.

I'd like to say 'see you at the festival',  but  I have to be at my 'day job' that day. I'm hoping to slip out of work a bit early and be at the festival about 1/2 way through the day, as long as everything is running smoothly.

So, I'll say "HOPE to see you on July 17th".