Monday, 6 June 2016

Daily Dose of Summerfolk - June 6th
Almost to Guelph.

Next stop Fergus. It sure has changed since I started going to summerfolk in the early 90's.

 *** The 1st time I saw a 'live bait' vending machine was on one of my first trips to Summerfolk. Being sort of a city kid I mentioned it was a bit odd, and was informed that it really wasn't. That little conversation helped set the tone for the trip, that I was on an adventure and it wasn't going to be what I was used to.

Then we saw the Arrogant Worms at the festival and their CD "Live Bait"   (BTW if you've never heard of them stop everything and go listen to them right away.  They're a national treasure) This little synchronicity reenforced the idea that different is good and started a pattern of getting a "live Bait" pic each summerfolk that lasted a few years.

We're digger into the archives and posting older & older photos. Going back to 2007.
 Photos of preparation, camping, the road trip & of course the Festival it self. 

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