Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Best day yet on Flickr & other good news

Today I've had more flickr views than ever before (2145), which is great, but there have been a lot of great days for number of views and comments, favourites etc. The numbers just keep going up.

A few photos have been featured in different groups on flickr and Redbubble.

Still need to work on YouTube  & Vimeo more, some how TnT's Wedding Trailer has 10 times more views on flickr than on Vimeo or YouTube

Not sure how a video gets more hits on a photo site than a video site, but it seem I've still got a lot to learn about YouTube & Vimeo.

Google+ is still a bit of mystery, but I'm spending some time there and it's fun, and seems like it has lots of potential, just not sure how to make best use of it.

It's very exciting to see some reaction to stuff, ow I'd better get to work and make some more content.