Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Mega-Lapse Project

The Mega-Lapse Project

The Mega-Lapse Project, sounds impressive, but it's just what I called it to distinguish it from other time lapses I was working on.

The various pieces (time lapses, footage & hyperlapse) where shot from November 2013 to May 2014.  After preparing the individual lapses  & bringing them into one "mega" project & getting started, I soon got side tracked by more urgent projects.

So, everything sat on a hard drive & sat & was basically ignored for a long time.

Until this spring when I came across the project & opening it up. All the files where there and the time lines where all in place & all the different lapses worked fine. They just needed assembling and a bit of finishing.

"I've come this far, I can finish it off quick"  was my thought. Well, it wasn't exactly quick but,  it is done & (at least to me) it doesn't look too bad.


In the mega project I also found some BTS (Behind The Scenes) footage. Once again "waste not, want not". I put the together to go with the main project. The BTS was mostly shot in one day, One windy, snowy afternoon. First I went out with a camera wrapped in plastic and put the camera & tripod where it could 'watch' me make the trip to the track to shoot that day's part of the hyperlapse (moving timelapse). once it was set & focused & running, I trudged back to the building, got the camera & tripod I was using for the taking pictures (5 different locations) each day, all winter. With the standard tripod & camera I set out to get the days shots shooting bits of live action along the way.

More to Come

I have other unfinished projects  that range from a folder full of footage to others that where nearing completion before they put aside. I just might take a few,finish them off and post them.

New project sometime seem a bit more attracting, they're well, new and exciting. But, I've never brought a project to completion without learning something, usually a lot of somethings,

So, when I have a bit or extra time or need a break from my current projects I'll take a look at an older project & see what I can learn.