Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Car Year | Part Two - Back Roads

If you haven`t seen Part 1 probably best to start there.

The Car Year Part 2 will rely pretty heavily on excerpts from the trip book mentioned earlier.

I began preparations at the$ store, where I got powdered poster paint to living up the car bit. I also got some bright orange spray paint, just in case.

After painting the car, it was off to work. Just about everyone had to work & the plan to head up in two waves. Jen & Trevor with Judy and Maggie (Trevor`s mom & her dog) around 6 & rest of us in two cars starting out around 10pm. We where going to drive up and stay at Roxy`s tonight & go into Owen Sound and set up camp tomorrow afternoon leaving lots of time to get to Kelso in the evening, unless we are having too much fun at the campground.

That was the plan.
The 1st part went fine. Jen & Trev dropped off Judy & her dog in Owen Sound & made it back to Roxy`s right around the time the rest of us left.

That`s when the adventure began for us in earnest.
Do to the condition of the car we avoided the main hwy (QEW)  & took a less strenuous for the car. We took hwy 20 to Alfreda (which I can't actually find on a modern map) & then to Clapson's Corners to avoid "Hamilton Mountain. "
*actually it's an escarpment,  but people use the phrase "on the mountain" and to my car, there was no difference between an escarpment & a mountain.

As Clapson's Corners was at the top of the "Mountain" reaching it was a milestone & a cause for celebration. The celebration took the form of orange spay paint applied to the tires and Jay christening the car "Summerfoot" because the engine was as loud as a monster truck. You can actually hear the engine ticking away on the background of the video clips.

We'll leave the tale with a celebration and pick it up next time as we head North to Guelph, to meet our 1st challenge.