Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Car Year | Part One - an Introdiction

The Car Year

We have been going to summerfolk for over 20 years & the most legendary trip to summerfolk yet is referred to as "the car year".  It is a story of of fun and adventure, music and friends that inevitably involves "the monkey people". 

I'm going through old videos & photos as well as a "trip Book" (like a travel journal) & memories to tell the story. It might be one of those things  where "you had to be there"  but here goes....

We started the trip with an old, crown Victoria station wagon that had been bought 2nd hand & used as a taxi, then when it was no longer suited to that purpose it came to me.

While I had the wagon it saw little to no maintenance. It was on it's last legs for a good long while before we started. It was the type of car referred to as a beater, a junker, or a jaloppy. The type of car that you are no longer allowed to drive, but this happened in the last century when cheap cars where  still allowed on the road.

We Decorated the wagon & prepared to leave on a 200km trip in a car that could not be depended on to get across town.

Only Part of the new Paint Job.

The wagon was not likely to make it, that was the point. We thought if the car was going to die it was going to be a good story.

SPOILER: the car died & it made a good story, but the story is too long to tell in one installment, and this is only the introduction, so stay tuned.

Back to the introduction.
You've been introduced to the wagon, now it's to find out who was taking the journey & where we're journeying to.

Back Story or Where are we journeying to?  We where heading to Summerfolk, a three day folk music festival (probably could have guessed from the name)  in Owen Sound Ontario, on the shores of Georgian Bay. It's a trip we still make on the 3rd weekend in August each year. At the time some of us had been going for about 5 years, some where on their 2nd or 3rd, there where some first timers and Trevor who grew up (mostly) in Owen sound who had been going on & off since the early 80's.

Today's section is already getting long so We'll finish with pictures of the principal participant.
there's at least 4 more parts to the story, so stay tuned for the next installment.

The Cast:
Trevor & Jen



The Car AKA Summerfoot