Tuesday, 18 April 2017

PoTd - April 18


Pic-of-The-day - "DOF".

In the photography world 'DOF' is stands for 'Depth Of Field'.  DOF describes how much of the photo is in focus at one time. DOF is usually used in connection to shallow depth of field where only a small part of the image is in foucs. This can be a very striking technique.  Deep DOF (with most of the frame in focus) is often overlooked but, can also be useful & interesting.

I actually find Deep Dof to be a bit more difficult. It's not difficult to achieve, but it's difficult to direct the eye of the viewer to the intended spot. It's easy to direct the eye when theres' only a small area in focus, so easy it sometimes feels like cheating.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to practice deep DOF & use other ways of directing the eye, like colour, leading lines, choice of subject etc.  I really set myself a challenge this morning and I 'm not sure I really achieved what I was trying too, but as they say 'practice makes perfect'.

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