Friday, 22 July 2016

Daily Dose of Summerfolk - July 22

Goodnight Irene, the finale that can't be beat. 

 The finale that can't be beat. 

The Piper. The piper processes in at the beginning of the festival. which I has heard from the line but never actually seen. At the end he processes (recesses?) out after the finale with all the volunteers and performers on stage following him through the audience.  Lately we have been getting a spot along his path so they all pass right by us.  We get a few high fives & hand shakes as they pass by.  Then we gather our stuff & head back the campground, fully intending to sit around the campfire late into the night. The long Days and short nights that came before usually means that one by one we slip off to our tents or nod off by the fire well before we had planned.

We are now all the way back to  Summerfolk 2005 in the archives.

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