Monday, 11 January 2016

Hopped Whiskey (& Barley Wine)

A few nights ago we tried  'JP Wiser’s Hopped Whiskey' & 'Tribute' Barley Wine from Renaissance Brewing Company of New Zealand. 

The idea with the barley wine was that it would have enough strength to stand up to the whiskey and not just just taste like water. It also helped that we had some left in our holiday stockpile. 


How did they taste?

1st I'm not expert or connoisseur so keep that in mind. 

The Whiskey tasted like whiskey.  Neither of us found it terribly hoppy. It had a hint of hops & maybe a more complex flavour generally, but it didn't scream hops. It was nice whiskey  just not what a hophead expects when they are looking for something hoppy. 


The barley wine was quite good. Dark with toasty & caramely flavours and as I would expect with something this strong  (10.8%) you can taste the high alcohol, but it isn't overwhelming it just sort of lingers in the back.

NOTE:  I wouldn't choose Barley Wine to go with Whiskey again.  They are both full distinctive flaours  so they compete more than they compliment.  

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