Sunday, 27 September 2015

Halloween Ghost Tours - Anyone interested?

I Called the Fort to see what is available for Halloween Ghost Tours.

Oct 31st    10:30 SOLD OUT
                 10:15 16 Tickets left
                 10:00 16 Tickets left
Didn't ask about earlier ones.

November 1st    7:30  Completely Open - Last Tour of the night/season
                        7:15  Completely Open
                        7:00  SOLD OUT

There are other days, but I kept it to Halloween & the Day after.
I'd be leaning towards the 10:15 on Oct.31st  as a first choice,  then 7:30 Nov. 1st as a 2nd choice.

If your interested let me know ASAP!
These numbers could be out of date by tomorrow.

***Also: Taps pumpkin Ale is scheduled  to come out some time this week!