Monday, 10 March 2014

What will canon do in 2014?

What will canon do in 2014?

Here's my predictions for what canon will release in 2014 & when.  Maybe predictio is not the right word, more like a possible & wishful accumulation of rumours.

An entery level body (rebel)
Maybe T6i? What ever it's called it's un likely to be mirroless. Lots of people abelieve mirrorless is the future, but canon has sworn off  mirrorless in north america. They have already said m2 is not going to North America, they could still announce realase dates in march and leave North america to choose from the 5 current flavours of sonsumer APS-C bodies avalable (yes I know two have been discountinued)

There is supposed to be cinema EOS announcement @NAB in April. Possibly a new body (with 4k?)or maybe dual pixel upgades for more miodels and/or dates the upgrades will be released.

Heres an intersting thought. Canon could release a 4k aps-c body for around 1000-1200, heck eventhrow in dual pixel AF, to give them something like the GH4 that is making headlines.
That would be cool.
That is almost definately NOT happening.

7Dmkiii or Replacement with a new name.
The rumours are saying this will be released in Germany at Photokina.
Hey, why not there where spec lists for the 7mkii almost since the original hit the shelves.
There are many spec lists but most agree on 24mp sensor, dual pixel AF, good weather sealing, and other 'advanced video features' which no one ever seems to explain.  Predicting when the 7mkii will eb realsed and what it will be like has become a bit of an anual tradition, eventually canon will realse it (or replacement) and Someone will be right about the date.

Well those are my musings on what canon might be up to this year or at least the first half of it.

*Note: I didn't mention lenses as I really don't follow lens annoucements that much.