Thursday, 29 January 2015

Links of The Day or "Holly Macaroni!"

New Micro soft head set mixes Virtual reality with... well Reality Reality!

If it's all they say  (and that's a big if)   It's the coolest thing to happen to computer interaction since the mouse. Ok, maybe that's a bit much, but the more I read, the cooler it sounds.

A fully container computer in a  headset with a CPU, GPU, video & audio processors & an HPU (Holographic processing Unit), that can place Holographic images & objects in your real world.

They say you can turn your table into a minecraft world or stick a skype video window onto a lamp. iftrue, pretty cool.

The more I read the crazier & crazier it sounds, but also cooler & cooler. 
It's still 'in early development' but they say it's 'in the windows 10 time frame' (whenever that is) and will be priced "for both enterprise and consumers to use it." (expensive & really expensive?)

here are some articles